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Paramore - Born For This
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Paramore - Born For This
(my favorite Paramore song)



Because some days I’m just a sad, shy, lethargic sloth with no backbone, but also I want to talk to someone? 

I know that feel.

You guys have no idea. I love this feeling. Every time someone contacts me first I feel so awesome. NOT A TOTAL LOSER! that is right. (usually)

Skillet - Rebirthing
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Skillet - Rebirthing
(This song makes me feel good I hope it does the same for you)





New comic!

Yeah, I might have watched a movie and gotten kind of mad.

This is seriously a trope I’d love to never see again though.

the lego movie

the matrix

pacific rim

now that I’ve learned I can’t unsee it

The more I think about it, I am not so sure I want a Black Widow movie any more.

This is flat out why I won’t watch The Lego Movie.

OK then how you any of you fix this? Reverse the genders?
OK fine. Let’s see how people would react to a reverse version of this.
You know what they would complain about if they reversed this trope? They would complain that men think women are useless and they need a MANS help to achieve anything. DOES THAT MAKE THE MOVIE BETTER? answer: NO it would piss of a lot of people DAMN IF YOU DO, DAMN IF YOU DON’T! The only way to fix this is by making them both the same gender all the time, but then that takes the romance part off from the movie. So please tell me what do you suggest?


if yall dont reblog this at least once today yall fucking up

I have to agree. This is the season!!

Fall Out Boy & Timbaland - One And Only
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Fall Out Boy & Timbaland - One And Only

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I wonder If I will ever find a mermaid?
(Epic song)

Reblog if you have that one RP partner you could roleplay all day/night with and not get bored.




You know who you are

I have one! Its ALWAYS makes me smile when I RP with that person.












"I loved you, always.”

going to comment a little on this game: the overseeing voice talks as if it owns you, and defies your free will. if you follow its orders, you are praised, and the worldview becomes sharper and more detailed. if you don’t, you are chastised, and the world becomes more vague and difficult to navigate, but also more colourful and loud. it’s odd, and sort of eerie, but definitely interesting. take it as you will.

This game really unsettles me. It unsttles me that my first choice to obey, and when I played again and disobeyed, I got really emotional really fast. Failure hurt me more the more I disobeyed. It was… interesting to experience.

i’ve always said we are trained to obey more than to think.

holy shit. i reblogged this the first time without playing. then i played in and it is terrifying. i very much like this, but it will give you intense feelings. 

What’s the game??

you obey everything the game tells you too, even jumping into barbs and basically killing yourself. if you dont youre chastised and even the scolding is terrifying

So, essentially, it’s a game that illustrates what it’s like to be in an abusive parents or an abusive relationship - and how it affects you emotionally. That is horrific and ingenious - the next time someone negates the affects of emotional abuse, I’ll take them to this game and let them come to their own conclusions.

This game absolutely gets it. The most solid and reliable degradation is a gendered insult. The more you obey and co-operate, the better understanding you seem to have of your word, and things seem easier. But what really gets me is the contradiction. You are not allowed to have the correct answer. Are you a boy or a girl? The answer is no, I will give you the answer. even towards the end, your “praise” is “no, I will give you the answer. You earned this answer, but it is given to you by me.” Disobeying makes the world frightening and confusing and difficult, but beautiful in a world devoid of flavour.

Not just a gendered insult, either. The nameless voice that directs the player’s actions is supposed to be a hateful, abusive monster, and when the game’s designers asked themselves “okay, what’s the most degrading, dehumanising thing this voice could possibly do to the player?”, the answer they came up with was “deliberately misgender them”.

I played this years ago and what i really like about it is that it’s one of the few “pretentious art games” that does not take much thought at all to read into and get meaning from. And the meaning you get is deep.

You know I don’t get the big deal I played the game and I disobeyed the hole game through and I felt nothing. I guess I’m too strong to be controlled. (also just a theory, but I was bullied my hole life I guess I’m used to verbal abuse and that is why the game did not impact me because I already lived it in real life)


Giant Nevermore? looks like a big black bird? Quote the raven “Nevermore” OH. MY. Gaia!!


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I am your host and you are all invited to the Summer Sun Celebration!


please! reblog.

I am your host and you are all invited to the Summer Sun Celebration!

Does anypony wanna take Rad Hazard to the Summer Sun Celebration
? He is the host of the SSC! and it can be a girl or boy he does not care. (Because I can’t draw I can’t give him a date ;^; you can do whatever you want with him for the SSC please?)

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Oh well that is great news, I have a cure, but can someone please explain to me HOW THE FUCK DO I FALL IN LOVE?

Oh well that is great news, I have a cure, but can someone please explain to me HOW THE FUCK DO I FALL IN LOVE?

Hey Rad, what's your favorite mythical creature?

Oooohh this is good question my fav would have to be the Banshee

Another fav is the Puca its freaking awesome. (find it in my blog)
And finally I love Valkyries especially Freya Queen of the Valkyries, why? because I have a thing for strong, smart, independent women, and Valkyries are one of the best representations. Also the ride GIANT WOLFS WITH WINGS.
Thank you for your question it made my day.